Take A Number Mobile App

This is a studio project.

Title: Take A Number — Bank System

About the Idea: 

One day, I went to the Bank of China to deal with my personal banking service, and had to wait for hours because of a crowd of people queuing up in banks. I noticed that most of them felt boring and had nothing to do when queuing up. Some of them whiled away the time just sitting on the chairs, talking to their friends, or playing with their smartphones. So why not to develop a mobile app to help people organize their time more efficiently and effectively? They could wander elsewhere instead of staying in the banks with nothing to do; they could take a number on their way to the banks; they could drop the number if they don’t want to deal with the service in banking centers so that it could save others time. Then comes to the prototype of the ‘Take A Number’ iPhone app.

Here is a prototype of this app.

Take A Number app — User Side:

Take A Number app — Company Side:

The demo of the prototype is like this : Take A Number APP